Your Certificate of Participation in the International Origami Peace Tree Festival
U S A     2 0 0 4
"All Peoples Folding for Fun, Beauty, and Peace"
One Square, Many Folds
Many Cultures, One World Together
Thank You  to: ___________________            
International Art Partnership Peace Tree  &
From the Host:   Origami Designs

Our sincere appreciation to you for your  wonderful  folding
&  participation in the "Peace Tree" Project!

www.origamidesigns.com                  http://www.iap-peacetree.org/opt/project2004_2.html
Diplomas/Certificates are printed on white and appear similiar to the wording below:

Certificates & Diplomas are being mailed to all participants.    Some  addresses were very difficult to read. 
There was some delay in sending out some diplomas.  We have received  notification that some have not yet received their diplomas.      If you have not received your diploma by the end of January 2005, please email  origamidesigns@earthlink.net with your name and typed address.  Include "Please send diploma" in the subject line of the email.   
We want all participants to get they brochures and diplomas and we will see that everyone gets one!!  Thank You.