Origami Peace Tree "Festival" Photos
Page 2    Photos will have more details after November when we have time to add names & organizations  etc.    We know many are anxious to see displays and models!
Again, thank you to all folders who sent their lovely origami!
Above closeup of stunning origami flowers from Polish folders!
Origami is FUN, Origami hamburger folded for us by Hitomi! below.
Hanging models gives visitors closeup, hands-on viewing above.
Displays include origami on cards, and unique stories... as the fan and yellow cranes.
Masterclass folding by young people famous for their unbelieveable miniatures!    A fan added by Hitomi.
An overview above of some of the displays.  Visitors can walk around all sides of some displays!
Another view of Polish origami on display above
Stunning Unit origami swans from Japan!
           A simple and elegant crane also on display
Origami models above from Russia continue to impress our visitors with their folding talents!
A family folds and send us their special package. The box with surprise (beautiful origami rose complete with ladybug) is popular with our visitors and wonderful to see!
Special thanks  to the folder of this unique and new origami flower model.  Opening with the sun in the morning and closing at days end!  Thank you for the instructions, the models, the books and so much you sent to us for our visitors to see and appreciate!
Above another overview of just a small part of the large room of displays of origami.    Every surface is covered, and the origami was placed for maximum viewing exposure.

Tables are available for folders to sit and fold.
Books, postcards, letters, instructions and enclosures were
included in all the displays whenever possible.

There are many models hanging from the bamboo lattice, and hanging low enough from the ceiling for easy viewing by all our visitors.