Australia answered our request with great origami models of roses, frog, bird & kangaroo!  Their choices  of paper was really great -thank you for the booklet!.
The folders from Chile send impressive origami for sure! Wonderful folding.  Thank you for the letter, photos and exceptional origami!
Surprise and awe! This "Dragon in Flight" is stunning, master class folding with "rider" Fantasma.  We printed instructions for viewers!
Displays were added to showcase origami for holidays, centerpieces, and creatve uses of origami models.   Origami on special wrapping of packages also available for our visitors to appreciate!
Thank you to Chile for this beautiful and unusual origami!  Letters and postcards share you land and culture with us in the spirit of peace.  Thank you!
Origami for children's teaching and displays is shown above.  Bugs, lizards, animals, origami scenes, kits & calender display
The photo above cannot show you the beauty & skill of the origami boxes.  The papers used were perfect for these models!! Thank you Korea!
From the host of the Festival in Korea in April, came expert folding of origami motorcycles! The angel is a great model, the dinosaur just perfect and the rabbit, one of the best rabbits models we've seen!   Thank you for all the postcards too!!!
These two folders from the Netherlands shows the love for origami in their country.  The unit wreath models are super examples of this type of folding!    And models on below show what a folder can do even from bed or with disabilities.  Thank you so much for this marvelous origami. 
This folder from New Zealand sent his own special model for the Kiwi.   This is a very popular model at the Festival.  His choice of color and paper was just perfect and it is an awesome piece, the photo cannot begin to show the detail of it's body and feet!
Above is another "overview" of part of the Festival Displays.   Each country has it's own space & origami is displayed for the best possible viewing, reading and appreciation by visitors.  The Japanese furniture and environment just adds to the joy of this viewing!
Christmas origami is shown on special trees! The big tree has peace cranes for guests to take home & keep.  The heart hanging origami is a tribute to young Mattie and his Heartsongs, and thoughts on "peace".  On the wall a lovely origami flag from a Russian folder!!
Folders from the USA send star models with unit origami models.  The sunburst star is so pretty and from a beginner folder!!.
This overview photo shows many countried down the long room. Colombia, Poland, Japan, Russia, Austria, USA, Cezch Republic, Chile, Brazil and more are displayed here.  There are origami models that move and change, hanging unit origami, ornaments, miniature origami, and teabag folding!
One folder sent beautiful seashells from foils - which we displayed in the abalone shell with origami fish.. The seagull is in flight above the waves, and the underwater origami models from the book  make a beautiful display in 3-D  - above on the wall.
Closeup of origami "foil folded" shells.  The foil was colored on both sides and delicately folded!    The unit swan was donated by Bunkado in Little Tokyo LA. 
A waterfall like  display of hanging black cranes is a favortie of some visitors.   This model from the USA has 15 cranes!
Truly outstanding examples of unit origami is folded by Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay  in the USA.   We thank her for sending these two  models for our Festival displays!  The multicolored model is titled "sharkfin" & you can see more of her work at her website!
From Brazil we received the detailed and beautiful folded dolls!  These are so detailed, each different unusual!   The cranes are always most welcome from folders & we had not seen such lovely papers in our country.   Thank you Brazil!
This young folder has visited several time, each time surprising us with more models for the displays.   On the wall we see origami attached to the bamboo branch for the Star Festival celebrated by the children folders in Japan.  Messages from the  children are attached to the branches.   The Peace Tree Song is on the wall with handouts of the song for all our visitors. 
The welcome table holds brochures, handouts, schedules, and the guestbook for visitors to sign!
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