Origami Peace Tree "Festival"
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Visitors are invited to fold or learn to fold the "peace dove" model to add to our Banner.  See the progress! above and below!
.Greeting visitors at one entry to the displays, is the colorful piece with the origami people and the motto & title!

Below  are large models of our Cat And Mouse, ready to pose for
photos with visitors
old & young!
A closeup view of the stunning and almost unbelieveable
folded connected
cranes.   There are a dozen different combinations folded her with hours & hours of work!!
The piece on the left is a work of art!!   
Below is a better photo and representation of the unit work by Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay. We were able to add her photo and information
Hanging origami is a great way to enjoy it and display it. Above we have a representation of many different models. 
At the left is a closeup of the Penquin village folded by Glenda for the Festival. 

She colors her own papers and is most imaginative! .
Local So. California young man worked on a project that would teach him something about mathmetial origami folding, about science and the DNA, and about the scientist who is created with the DNA discovery.   David used origami to start building his ladder of the DNA model...   He found a challenge in trying to "twist" the model, so it is a work in progress. Materials about DNA are on display as well as the DNA origami model by Tokei Yen!
Above, the finished Patriotic Bouquet for the USA.  Filled with potpourri that smells of apples & cinnamon (USA smells)!
At right:   Wonderful models that impress everyone, from Delrose, a folder known for her exceptional work every year on the Tree at the National Museum of History each December in the USA

The paper used for these snowflakes adds to the feel & stiff strength of these just unbelieveably beautiful origami!! 
Left: a closeup of the cactus displaying models of things found "out west".  Bugs & Critter!!
Left:   A real closeup of the "artpiece"   Origami Rose Bouquet prepared especially for the Festival.   Folded from papers 6 X 6 inches, the roses are firm yet delicate, all with stems and origami leaves.  There are 50 roses in the bouquet.

Unless you fold it, or know someone who can, a bouquet like this is just a wish.   This bouquet is available for purchase by  a visitor at the Festival who appreciates the work and labor of love.   These roses will last forever. 

Proceeds will go to the folder, and the Festival to pay for postage of certificates.  Below the bouquet are smaller origami flowers, giveaway to visitors!!
The photos below don't begin to show the wonderful models  by Florence and Irene.  The Stars from Florence are so perfect in foils!   Irene printed one paper from the computer (model on left below) & folded the red origami model from handpainted paper.   Both are beautiful in real life. 
A second view of how the Rose Bouquet was displayed above.   Alone at first, it seems the little flowers continued to appear as souvenirs for visitors!
Experiment with hanging your origami models. 

The cranes at right are ideal for such experimentation when hanging.

Easily dusted with a toothbrush, stiff paintbrush, or even a can of computer air spray... the mobile or hanging will stay pretty for years!

This one seems to get a lot of postivie comments. 
Closeup of the Christmas trees at the right. 
The big tree with lights has cranes sitting on the branches, free to any visitor who wants a crane.

The smaller completely origami  tree is a crowd pleaser when visitors see the roses, boots, stars and wreaths, candles & even Santas that decorate the tree
The "other side" of the cactus has origami jack rabbits, a dollar bull, snakes, a wonderful coyote model, helmet beetles, ants, praying mantis, lizard, owls, bald eagle, bats and more!   The more realistic praying mantis in the case is a more complicated model that looks almost real!
The two local visitors at the right have come back several times to attend folding sessions at the Festival.

There is so much to see and touch, so many books to look through and so many models to learn to fold.

The size of the location for the Festival has been wonderful to accommodate the displays, visitors and room to sit and learn to fold as well.