Peace Tree Festival
   Origami Models
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The Levashov's (founders) pose for a family photo!
Above and below left:
Their logo yachts for the Peace Tree Project Festivals make a lovely display. Excellent Models!.
A visitor studies the Russian Tiger display
Hitomi & visitor finish a big & small cat model at the Festival
Origami Folders from Chile sent master quality models!. Photo coming  soon below...
Below Hitomi starts the demo of the large model folding while visitors watch. .
Visitors from Switzerland, Korea, and Japan pose for photo with Hitomi, Festival folder visiting from Japan.
At left are some of the finest master level folding of connected cranes on display by Hitomi on table.  
Displayed on the shelf are more of her beautiful and intricate models with cranes!

The smaller hanging connected cranes  folded by Barbara.

Dragons models are
kept close and free standing for the children and visitors to examine and touch. 
Outstanding masterclass models from the "boys" in Peru above continue to amaze visitors to the Festival!
From Poland come fabulous and delicate folding of flowers and more.      All these models will be photographed and put online for all to see in their entirety, - but  here is a sneak peek at their wonderful submissions and models sent to the Festival!!
Outstanding flower models came to us from Brazil, Russia, USA and Poland.  See some above!.
Folders from Russia pose with their most wonderful model tiger!!!
The "Peace Star" model by Barbara is shown for the first time at the Festival, with step by step folding for visitors to see.  Patriotic Bouquet is a work in progress at the Festival from US folder...
Above: a castle model of unit origami demonstrates the wonders of unit origami and the strength it gives ordinary lightweight origami paper.  Home to two different model dragons, it is a popular "photo" model of visitors to the festival.        USA
At left: one visitor moves to get a closer view of the larger and small model folding process for the "halloween cat"  Hitomi continues her fold on the large model, while visitor tried her hands at folding a regular size model.    This area was kept open for demonstration, group photos and special festival activities.     A fine display of books is available for visitors with table and chairs about the room to sit and browse the books!
The ladies continue their work on the model folding above. 
Local So California folder Glenda sits with her "penquin village".  Just 7 and new to folding, Glenda is a prolific folder already with a few models of her own design on display at the Festival!
Festival visitor triumphs and folds her first "cat model" at the Festival!
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with pictures out the Peace Trees and other participants.